Honeywell Sutton Ceiling Fan Review

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Among the best ways to improve your home is by installing a good ceiling fan. They not only make the room lighter but also keep the air fresh. Plus, newer versions have tons of new features including the ability to maintain a room warm as well.

How do you know what the best one is? Don’t worry since we’re making it easier for you to choose one by reviewing the Honeywell Sutton Ceiling Fan. It’s one of the top ceiling fans of 2019 and is bound to impress you with its sturdy design and energy-saving features.

Honeywell Sutton Ceiling Fan

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The Honeywell is a 52-inch white ceiling fan that’s bound to help your home stay cool. It features five reversible blades which can be switched out at any time, and its energy-saving features enable you to save on your energy consumption and electric bill.

Who Is This Product For?

Any homeowner who is looking to improve the air circulation in their home will appreciate the Honeywell Sutton Ceiling Fan. It’s equipped with five large blades which are perfect for cooling down personal or larger living areas.

Overall, the quality and design enable it to be used without worry of it breaking. Lastly, if you’re looking to quit using fans or other methods to cool down your home, you’ll definitely be pleased with the Honeywell’s ability to cut energy costs.

What’s Included?

The Honeywell Sutton Ceiling Fan comes in one package, disassembled. It weighs a total of 15 pounds, while the dimensions of the package are 12.3 x 12.9 x 22.9 inches. It includes all equipment needed to mount the fan onto the ceiling.

Overview of Features

Here’s what the Honeywell Sutton Ceiling Fan can offer:

  • High quality: To ensure that the fan keeps its shape, each blade is coated twice with white finishes. This not only keeps the paint from chipping off but also prevents the fan from falling apart or wearing down over time. It’s excellent for those planning to keep their ceiling fan for years to come.
  • Easy to install: Each blade to the fan quickly slides into place with quick hang technology. The fans will attach into the base of the main body, which houses the motor. Once all the blades are in, you just need to mount the device before turning it on, and there are three different mounting options.
  • Quiet motor: Generic fans can be irritating because they produce a loud and obnoxious noise. With ceiling fans, you’ll get a quiet fan which operates at four different speeds. The reversible motor gives you options for also rotating warm air back into the room, making it useful year round.
  • Medium or large rooms: The 52-inch blades are big enough to power and cool medium to large sized rooms. This makes it ideal for master bedrooms, living rooms, or dining areas. On top of that, you could probably get away with using it in an office space or a small event area.

How to Use

The Honeywell Sutton Ceiling Fan can be a bit confusing to use at first because of the different fan speeds and reversible blades. Once you have the device installed by following the instructional manual, switch through the speeds. This can be done by pulling once on the dangling string and then pulling again to switch speeds.

In winter, if you want to warm up your house, there’s a switch located on the base of the fan that you can press. By clicking this, you’ll be able to send the device into reverse, and the fan will then suck up any warm air and draw it back into the room.


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If you’re looking for a model that sounds a bit fancier than the Honeywell Sutton Ceiling Fan, then the Brightwatts LED Ceiling Fan may be for you. It’s another 52-inch blade fan that comes with a white glass light bowl. Besides this, the whole unit is also energy efficient and can be used in large rooms.

However, it doesn’t include the multiple speeds or settings. It’s a more simplistic ceiling but includes more power and energy-saving properties. Overall, we think this is a good alternative for those who want an affordable and better-looking fan.


The Honeywell Sutton Ceiling Fan exceeds our expectations and enables so many features for a reasonable price. We think that most families will enjoy the multi-speed settings along with the ability to operate without making a sound. If you live in a warm environment, the fan can be run on a low setting throughout the night.

Overall, there are plenty of ceiling fans on the market, but if you’re looking for a stylish yet simplistic fan that will work with any theme, then the Honeywell Sutton Ceiling Fan will suit your standards. Plus, it’s one of the most affordable ones available in the market today.

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