Prominence Home Almadale Industrial Ceiling Fan Review

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A gentle cold breeze on a hot summer day can make a world of difference in your business. Ceiling fans often are better alternatives than using plug-in fans. The reason behind this is they’re more effective, use less energy, and often come with more settings.

But how do you know you’re purchasing a good ceiling fan? In this article, we’ll be introducing you to the Prominence Home Almadale Industrial Ceiling Fan. It’s one of the top picks for the 2019 year.


Prominence Home Almadale Industrial Ceiling Fan

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The Prominence Home is a contemporary themed ceiling fan that boasts large fan blades. If you’re looking for a fast method of keeping your business cool, you’ll definitely enjoy this fan’s effectiveness. Besides this, each part of the fan is crafted to be industrial strength, which ensures you’ll be getting a durable and sturdy ceiling fan.

Who Is This Product For?

Since the Prominence Home is an industrial fan, it’s not recommended for at-home use. However, if you do have a large room that needs to be kept cold, you might be able to get away with mounting it in a family room or dining area.

Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, you’ll appreciate the build and quality of the Prominence Home. It’s durable, long-lasting, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. For those looking for an efficient model that can consistently be used, you’ll definitely be satisfied with this.

What’s Included?

The package comes with three industrial-strength blades, main motor, and a few different screws. As for the dimensions, they are 13.9 x 23 x 10 inches, while its weight is around 16.1 pounds. Other included components are the Prominence Home owner’s manual, light kit, blade irons, and bulbs.

Overview of Features

The Prominence Home Almadale Industrial Ceiling Fan offers the following:

  • Quick installation: Assembly is super simple with the quick-to-attach blades. All you’ll need to do is pop them into place, and you’re ready to go. This makes setup a breeze and enables you to spend less time building the fan rather than installing it.
  • Quiet reversible motor: One downfall of many industrial strength fans is that they tend to be noisy. However, the Prominence Home features quiet operation no matter which speed level you’re using. On top of this, there’s a reversible motor which can be used in the winter. The fan will suck up cold air and help rotate warm air around your business or home.
  • Energy efficient: Mounted ceiling fans tend to be less expensive to run year round and offer you multiple speeds and settings. This version enables you to run your fan at three different speed levels, which cut down on electric costs and reduce energy consumed.
  • Industrial design and style: Each mount is brushed with a nickel finish and features matte black blade fans. This paired with the fact that it only contains three blades makes it suitable for contemporary or modern styled rooms. You can also choose to get it in other colors, which is good when you need to match the ceiling fan to your interior.


Installing a ceiling fan can be complicated at times, which is why we’re here to help. The first step is to assemble all materials and read through your owner’s manual. The manual will include valuable information on your fan’s make and model, pointing out any specifics that you may need before mounting onto your ceiling.

From there, take the blades out of the package and attach them onto the mounting base. Now that you have the main body setup, it’s time to mount it onto your ceiling.

If you’re lucky, you may have multiple mounting options. Follow the steps listed on your owner’s manual, and once you’re done, you can screw in the light bulbs.


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An excellent alternative is the Trade Winds Lighting Ceiling Fan. It features most of the elements of the Prominence Home, but with updated features. Instead of being matte black and nickel colored, the fan comes in a beautiful silver coating with chestnut blades. If you’re looking for a modern style, the design will amaze you.

Apart from that, it features built-in LED lights that consume low amounts of energy and can save on your electric bill. Each blade can be reversed and can help heat your home in winter, which is always a useful feature. Lastly, there’s a lifetime warranty which covers any supplemental parts or lighting issues.


As you can see, there are plenty of different ceiling fans out there that can power a large home or business. It’s best to use these instead of your generic plug-in counterparts because you’ll find that they use less energy and tend to be more efficient at cooling and warming large areas. Plus, you can find a large number of ceiling fans that suit your home.

Overall, the Prominence Home is one of the fantastic units that work well for cooling and heating your property without consuming too much energy.

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